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Feature 12

The Tennessean

Nashville Artist Discusses her Uncanny paintings

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Feature 9

Nashville Arts

In The Future, Everything Is Free by J. Todd Greene

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Feature 6


Galerie Tangerine presents Corrine Colarusso: Shaking the Twilight

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Feature 3

Nashville Arts

Broken Mic: John Paul Kesling at Galerie Tangerine

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Feature 11

Nashville Arts

Evolution by Janet Decker Yanez

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Feature 8

Nashville Arts

Shaking the Twilight: New Work by Corrine Colarusso

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Feature 5

Nashville Scene

Corrine Colarusso: Shaking the Twilight

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Feature 2

Nashville Arts

Kaleidoscopic Wildness: Artifacts and Archaeology in Fred Grgich’s Avian Canvases

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Feature 10

Nashville Arts

Ruche: Amanda Joy Brown & Katherine Wagner 

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Feature 7

Nashville Arts

My Favorite Painting: Americana by John Paul Kesling

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Feature 4

The Tennessean

Art imitates music in John Paul Kesling's 'Broken Mic'

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Feature 1

Nashville Arts

Galerie Tangerine: Anne Daigh Opens New Gallery in the Gulch