katherine wagner


april 5th, 2018 - july 6th, 2018

IMG_6043 copy.jpg

About the artist…

Katherine grew up in Nashville, TN in the suburbs along with her two older siblings. Her memories of childhood in the 1990’s are attached to the fashion trends popular at the time. She has a British mother and an Irish-Mexican father who, before the loss of his first wife, had a half Chinese son. All these elements of Katherine’s life have also bathed her in different fabrics from each culture: deep glossy reds, gentle floral and vegetative patterns, and graphic stripes of vivid colors.

At University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Katherine began to explore abstraction in relation to pattern. She taught herself to weave and created abstract arrangements of colors and shapes dictated by found patterns. After graduation, she began painting and continued to work with patterns through the manipulation of fabrics. Katherine is extremely interested in the rules of predictability as it relates to the identity of ‘pattern.’