nashville artist collective


october 25th, 2018 - january 24th, 2019


about the artist…

The Nashville Artist Collective is an online gallery that provides a platform for local artists to grow their potential and to provide collectors, young or experienced, access to original affordable art while giving back to Nashville areanon-profits and organizations. The Nashville Artist Collective sprung from the Charleston Artist Collective which was founded in 2010 by Allison Williamson. The Charleston Artist Collective has grown to 19 local area artists and has given over $100k to local charities. Together, the Nashville Artist Collective, Atlanta Artist Collective, Capital ArtistCollection and the Charleston Artist Collective are committed to making art part of daily life and to be a catalyst forgreater collection, exhibition and appreciation of original art.

Nashville is the third launch city and is directed by longtime resident Rowanne McKnight, who, along with a committee, has curated an immensely talented class of fourteen artists: Carey Haynes, Craig Greene, Gina Julian, Hannah Lane, Jeremy Fowler, Katherine Stratton Miller, Langford Barksdale, Lauren Ossolinski, Lisa Zager, RichardBowers, Susie Elder, Tess Erlenborn, Trevor Mikula, and Whitney St. Pierre.