fred grgich

lush urban canopy

april 27th, 2017 - july 14th, 2017


about the artist…

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Portland, Grgich spent his early adulthood in 1990s Seattle before settling in Nashville over twenty years ago. In his time here, he has created, designed, and owned many of Nashville’s early independent restaurants, including Caffe Nonna, Margot Café and Bar, Chapel Bistro, and the original Family Wash. Despite the incredible amount of effort invested in these start ups, Grgich found himself unable to keep from painting and showing his work in variousvenues around town. Now, having left the restaurant business, he is flourishing asan artist and craftsman. Within his creative process he pursues the deep vein of inspiration proffered by his sister and father, whose respective practices of painting and carpentry heavily inform his style. His relentless energy transforms these crafts into a microcosmic oeuvre brimming with humor, discovery, and rough honesty.